Central Fire Safety Institute

 Fire Destruction is One Man's Job,Fire prevention is Everybody's Job |  Safety Tip::  When you see Smoke run,never wait for fire. |
Our Mission

Vision and Mission

•Fire and Safety can be defined as the application of scientific and engineering principles, rules & expert judgments, based on understanding of the phenomenon and effects of fire, its reactions and behavior of people, property and the environment from the destructive effects of fire.


1) World class training Academy for providing quality training in the field of fire, Industrial Safety as per Factory Act. 1948 under section 111(a) (ii).

2) To Provide Simplified administrative procedures to ensure these common returns under various laws is under active consideration of the Directorate Industrial Safety and Health.

3) To development the training as per the requirement of industry and corporate world.

4) To provide training inputs to our clients in safety management to achieve their HSE Objectives.

5) To be a Step Ahead Leader in the field of training activities.


1) To have effective implementation of various legislations enforced by it and also to protect health and safety of workers.

2) To ensure that such workers workers work in best possible working conditions and their basic needs are satisfied.

3) To eradicate the pain and agony of workers, Special emphasis is laid on accident prevention. So that we may not have a society of sick and injured people.

4) To Development and provide quality training to improve productive efficiency.

5) To Provide value added training in the field of fire safety and related field.

6) To evaluate, develop and impart cost effective on site/offsite training in the field of safety.

7) To manifest the safety training requirement of the client to full-fill statutory requirement (i.e Industrial Safety Awareness Training.)

8) To Provide Training as per Factory Act. 1948 under Section 111(a) (ii)


•As Per requirement of Factory Act. 1948, undersection 111 (a), Gujarat Factory Rules, 1963, & industrial safety, Fire Prevention and fire fighting is every employee’s responsibility. Most of the major fire accidents could have prevented in the initial stage by the right action of the nearest employees. This Programme removes the fear of fire and gives confidence to your people in handling fire emergencies in the initial stage before it is spreading.

As per requirements of An ISO-9001-2015 for the quality achievement, and to adhere the international Quality Accreditation as per International Accreditation.

Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Nitesh Panchal
Finance Manager
Mr.HG Kapoor
Chief Executive Officer
Mr.Gaendrasinh Bihola